By Magic - Parefmi for women and men

We present you a new home line BY MAGIC perfume, created for you in cooperation with the world famous perfume houses. The By Magic perfume is intense and lasting throughout the day, and a bottle of 20ml is adapted for each bag or necklace. By Magic brand has launched 24 fragrant notes for women and 8 for men. Each fragrance composition is a combination of carefully selected different essential oils, which will introduce you to the world of perfumes through freshness of spring, pearl elegance or romantic love. Their sensual and mysterious smell, awakens the senses and makes you feel completely free. The beauty is in simplicity. Discover what is hidden in this simple frosty bottle.

By Magic Perfumes

From the very beginning, the company's business policy is to provide high quality and provide top-quality fragrant notes at affordable prices. Our fragrances were selected in cooperation with the famous French perfumers and manufacturers. In the production process, we use innovative solutions, based on which we strive to be a step ahead of our competitors. At each stage of the production process, quality control is carried out in accordance with the applicable technical standards in order to ensure high quality and safety of our products. Our perfumes are packed in our modern factory equipped according to European standards. Through the implementation of new technologies and innovations, we are continuously investing in the development and modernization of the entire production system.

Different scented notes, for women and men, come in a glass package that reflects elegance and high quality. We offer floral, green, oriental, chypre, citrus, leather, fougere and other scented notes. By Magic Perfumes for the quality and longevity of fragrance radiate luxury, and are the best present for her and him.

Our mission is to beautify the everyday life of our consumers with recognizable and carefully selected fragrances, BY MAGIC brand.